Crotch Guard Skin Care Oil £14.50/4fl oz UK mainland

Is there any real need to explain what the contents of a bottle of Crotch Guard do? Or, for that matter, how they do it? Alright, then; the product guards the crotch by helping prevent infection, chafing and other troubles likely to affect the cyclist’s nether regions, and it does so by combining an anti-bacterial agent with specially formulated non-greasy oils, originally developed to treat radiation burns, that complement the action of the natural lipids vital to healthy skin.

Guaranteed to be non-scented, non-allergenic and free of perfumes, dyes, alcohols or preservatives, the oils in Crotch Guard are formulated for rapid absorption into the surface of the skin, where they help form a barrier to infection, moisturise and promote healing.

Application is made clean and easy by the provision of a pump spray nozzle. A tight-fitting cap prevents accidental spillage. The product can be applied either to promote the healing of damaged skin or saddle sores, or as a preventative measure.

Although it is said to have a cooling action on damaged, inflamed skin, there is no sensation to report on healthy tissue. Indeed, once it has been applied, there is nothing much to say beyond observing that the chamois does seem to stay fresh for longer.

Is it a worthwhile alternative to chamois cream? On the evidence so far, the answer would have to be a positive; it is easier to apply, easy to carry, non-scented and does not promote the slightly over-moist sensation that can be associated with a cream. It is quickly absorbed, leaves no after sensation whatsoever and, presumably, washes out of clothing if it ever gets the chance to soak in. The bottle should give about three months' supply used twice daily.


Effective preventative measure for trouble-free cycling

performance 10
value 9
overall 9