dhb Compton Round Neck Long Sleeve Base layer - £13.59

dhb’s Compton base layer uses Nanobon fabric to produce this surprisingly decent performer.

Nanobon comprises of carbonised bamboo fibres and has great wicking properties, certainly noticeable on the last couple of rides when it’s been called into service, now that long sleeve base layers seem to be standard issue when getting dressed to ride. It’s also anti-bacterial and must have some odour killer built in, because even after some long rides it doesn’t smell all that bad.

This is a looser fitting base layer than the second skin affair of the dhb Earnley base, but that doesn’t hinder its performance adversely, and is almost a little more comfortable for it. The material has a lovely soft feeling too which is a blessing on cold mornings when it’s still dark and you’re trying to summon the motivation to go riding.

Choose from sizes S to XXL.


It's hard to go wrong with a base layer that performs this highly and at such an attractive price

performance 9
value 8
overall 8