As concerns about climate change gather pace, here's an interesting film that attempts to inject some humour into challenging attitudes towards combating environmental problems.

The video, produced by the Climate Group in time for the National Energy Wasting Day on 1 April, follows a day in the life of Dan Power, a man who attempts to wantonly using up as much electricity as he can.

Switching on all the lights, turning up the heat, driving a 4x4, it's all in a normal day for Power as he attempts to max out his carbon emissions on Energy Wasting Day.

Funny? Perhaps, but let us know what you think in the forum.

The video has support from The Mayor of London, The Church of England, the Energy Saving Trust, Defra, the National Consumer Council, Live Earth and Stop Climate Chaos, and has been produced to promote Energy Wasting Day on 1 April.

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