This Friday, 23rd April, sees the second parliamentary reading of Eric Martlew’s Private Members Bill, The Protective Headgear for Young Cyclists Bill. The Bill, which we’ve covered before, aims to make cycling on roads or in public recreation areas without a helmet illegal for under-16s.

There are all sorts of arguments for and against the Bill, but most of the cycling industry and lobby groups have come out against the Bill, adopting a stance that is pro-helmet but non-compulsion. The Department of Transport doesn’t support the Bill either on the grounds that it would be impractical to enforce.

There is a danger that Mps could vote on the Bill without fully understanding its implications, cycling bodies such as the CTC and the LCC have been running campaigns to raise awareness, but individual cyclists can also play a part in making sure MPs make a more fully informed decision. So why not read the Bill , the supporting and counter arguments and then get in touch with your MP and present your case. We’ve used Fax your MP before, and it all worked well. Responses depend upon your MP though.

If you want to discuss it with us, see you on the forum!