CTC, the national cyclist's organisation, has signed up Marin as its first corporate supporter, a move that signals CTC's intent to strengthen its pro-cycling message in general and in the off-road sector in particular. The idea of the corporate supporter scheme is to get a bit of mutual positivity going - CTC has goals for cycling, various companies share those goals, they get together to promote each other's contributions and everyone's a winner. And Marin have got in first.

Managing Director of UK Marin importers ATB Sales, Ross Patterson, said: "Marin is delighted to become CTC's first corporate supporter, because we share their goals for the off-road sector. Like CTC, we want to see more people cycling and enjoying the countryside. And we're happy to help offer that opportunity, by supporting CTC's initiative to teach people how to use their bikes off road. We have been impressed by CTC's plans and think this is an excellent way to promote off-road cycling and the Marin brand."