One of the bigger cuts
Legendary rubber

Few tyres acquire legendary status before being discontinued by the manufacturer; one exception, but only just, is Michelin's Krylion Carbon clincher, which is still theoretically available despite being, in practice, about as easy to find on retail shelves as a healthy Clement No.6 silk tub.

Like said tub, the Krylion has a reputation that will long outlive its production run; unlike the Clement, it is for exceptional longevity allied to puncture resistance beyond any reasonable expectation.

It is a reputation that is thoroughly well-deserved. Take our test rear tyre, for example, which is now over two winters old (mainly because it is so hard to find a replacement) and looking good for at least another season. It has had, shall we say, its fair share of cuts over the course of some 2,000 miles of mixed use, but not one has gone all the way through the carcass and punctured the tube. Clearly, Michelin's high-carbon tread compound does what the French company said it would when the Krylion was launched.

On the down side, it is not the most comfortable of tyres, with a slightly wooden ride that is more noticeable in the 25c version. But on the plus side, it grips well, runs fast enough for sportive use and enhances the appearance of even the most svelte of machines, provided you can find one (or two). Maybe the French keep them all for themselves.


Fast, durable and very resistant to punctures

performance 9
value 10
overall 9

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