Oakley Radar - from £100

After 17 years of being the top choice for the world's best athletes, time has come for Oakley to replace the M-Frame with something new. And that something new is the Radar. Launched last year, the big O’s latest eyewear has been gracing the heads of many of the fastest men and women in the pro peloton.

For year after year the M-Frame solidified its place in the sporting history books, with riders such as Lance Armstrong relying on the design throughout his memorable seven Tour victories. Coming out with a new design was never going to be an easy task, but Oakley might have just managed a home run.

Key to the Radar is a more ergonomic fit, with the frame fitting much more snugly. The fit can be further tailored with the supply of two alternative rubber nose-pieces. Much of Oakley’s reputation is based on how well their eyewear fits, and it’s in this area that the Radars pass with flying colours. The frames arms feature ‘Surge’ ports, which supposedly channel air flow.

But it's lenses that are critical and here Oakley provides a choice of three lens-shapes: the larger Range, the in-between Pitch and the smaller Path (as pictured). As you might imagine, a massive range of lens tints is available to suit whatever time of year or day you might be riding in. The big development in the lens though is the new hydrophobic coating across the entire lens range. It really works too, with water noticeably beading of quickly and dirty smudges easily cleaned off.

This tester found the fit perfect. A common complaint with eyewear is that the arms either pinch the head, or are too loose, leaving them jiggling around – especially annoying if you’re riding across the cobbles of Belgium for instance. The Radars fit perfectly, gripping the head with just the right degree of force, and once on they’re soon forgotten about. Unobtainium rubber (you’ve got to love Oakley’s names) on the arm ends and nosepieces are key to the Radars staying planted on your face.

Of the range of lenses tested, the Blue Iridium has proved to be ideal for current cloudy conditions, cranking up clarity and sharpening edges. G50 Red gives unbeatable protection on the brightest days with a high UV factor.

Available in a range of colours and lens combinations.


The Radars offer impressive performance with the huge range of lenses on offer providing an unbeatable combination.

performance 10
value 9
overall 9

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