Prologo Scratch saddle £179.99

Italian brand Prologo may not be the most established in its field, but due to riders of Fabian Cancellara and Chris Hoy’s calibre choosing the company’s saddles, their profile has rocketed in the past two years.

Five models are offered in its range, but the Scratch Pro here is the most popular choice among the professional ranks and is the one you’ll see gracing a lot of pro bikes. There’s been plenty of development in saddle shapes in recent years, but the Scratch opts for a simple, almost classic, shape. The swooping profile, deep sides and dropped nose coupled with firm padding offer a comfortable seat and provide heaps of support.

The saddle's hard-wearing Lorica upper is supported by titanium rails and the base is made from High Weave Density (HWD) T700 and M30 carbon fibre. Turning the saddle over, the high quality of finish is apparent, with the edges of the upper neatly glued into place along the saddle. In fact, this is one of the tidiest saddle bases I've seen - it's almost a shame that nobody will get to see it once it’s fitted to the bike.

All the graphics are moulded and printed in place and have resisted wearing and the saddle, a black one on test, still looks as good as the day it was taken out of its box. Its weight is well on target too, with a claimed 182g keeping most weight weenies happy. Those concerned about the grammes can opt for a carbon railed version that drops 24g.

I get to try lots of saddles on a weekly basis and have my favourites, but the Scratch, after several weeks of constant use, has worked its way to the top of my list. The shape is a perfect fit for long five-hour rides. There’s plenty of support from the rear, which I found to be just the right width, and the padding offers just the right level of firmness. The scooped shape also helps keep your bum cheeks in the sweet spot.

Given saddle choice is such a hugely subjective area – one person’s comfort-city is another's misery – the Scratch adopts a wholly non-threatening shape that isn’t too radical in its design and due to this reason is hugely comfortable. If it’s the right width for you, the Scratch has to be recommended.



An exceptionally comfortable saddle.

performance 10
value 8
overall 9
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