Road Bike Set Up and Maintenance DVD

Bicycles are such simple machines that, unsurprisingly, there’s little that can go wrong. But when something does go wrong, new riders especially can find knowing where to start a little daunting, going someway to keep bike shops in business.

But setting your bike up and maintaining it can be easy, once you know how. There’s no shortage of bike maintenance books in any well stocked book shop, but often the best way to learn the art of setting up gears, removing a bottom bracket or lubing your chain can be gained from somebody showing you.

The Road Bike Set Up and Maintenance DVD, from, aims to take you through all the necessary steps to a well set up and maintained bike. Clearly explained and packed with top tips, the DVD includes the following features; fitting fundamentals, gear set up, headset, brakes, puncture repair, wheel trueing, handlebar tape fitting, cleaning and lubing, spanning 90 minutes.

The DVD is aimed at basic to intermediate skill levels, with the emphasis on clear and simple instructions. Available to buy now from (and various other online retailers), or by phoning 01539 735070. Price is £19.99, but for a limited time it’s on offer at just £12.99 plus postage and packaging.

There are a few debatable comments in the DVD, such as the instruction to turn the bike upside down when getting the wheels out - which besides being plain bad form invariably damages the saddle and brake levers - and the advice to start at the valve when replacing a tyre - which may work but is guaranteed to make the job as hard is it can get - but the combination of informative commentary from John Noakes-alike Darryl Kelbrick and clearly shot and explained maintenance sequences is well worth watching for those at beginner to intermediate level.