SealSkinz Ultra-light waterproof socks

Price: £20


Faced with soggy late-night feet and riding through a river crossing and claggy, horrible mud, Mark traded in his regular, now sodden, cycling socks for the SealSkinz. And these are his initial impressions:

"Hot feet has always been an issue for me so I'd been a little apprehensive about wearing SealSkins. Waterproof usually means not breathable and that usually means discomfort. But after having my feet thoroughly soaked over a waterlogged course I decided to give the socks a go.

"Straight out of the packet the SealSkinz are more than a little stiffer and thicker than normal cycling socks, but once they were on and in my shoes I forgot about them. From that point on my feet remained dry and comfortable. I didn’t overheat as expected and I guess the best testament to them was that I didn’t think of my feet at all: They just got on with their job.

"I wouldn’t consider wearing these socks on a sweltering hot day, but then again, that’s not what they are there for. I have now been converted and if I am going to step out in the rain in the future, I am taking my SealSkins with me. Dry feet are comfortable feet. Comfortable feet usually means comfortable me."

At £20 though, they're not cheap socks, so we want to look at them longer-term to see how they bear up.


So far, so good. We'll be looking at a longer-term test of the socks as soon as the weather co-operates, in fact looking out of the window that might well start this afternoon...