Specialized Toupe Gel saddle £79.99

Specialized’s Body Geometry technology has revolutionised saddle design, with the company's research leading to the noticeable groove down the middle to relieve pressure on your precious bits, which can’t be a bad thing.

The Toupe is its lightweight race-ready saddle, which weighs barely anything and is ultra-slim, but with the BG it's surprisingly comfortable. Some people must have found it less than ideal, however, as they recently released the Toupe Gel.

In all aspects it’s the same: titanium rails, tough water-resistant Micromatrix cover, two widths (130mm and 143mm) but look closely from the side, and it’s discernibly taller. Specialized have added a slim layer of gel, which goes a long way to increasing comfort on longer rides. Weight is pushed up 50g, but it’s hardly heavy, and little penalty to pay for the additional comfort.

It’s available in black or white (which really is the only choice), and in 130mm or 143mm widths.


As good as the original Toupe but marginally more comfortable

performance 10
value 9
overall 9
  • www.specialized.com