Specialized Winter Bib Tights £59.99

At the time of writing, it’s just about warm enough to get away with shorts and kneewarmers. But as the temperature continues to plummet, the switch to bib tights will be necessary soon. Specialized’s aptly-named Winter Bib Tights are just that, designed for keeping your legs warm through the winter months.

The fabric is Super Roubaix, a stretchy, soft and breathable material that provides ample warmth and comfort, in a design that eschews a complicated multi-panel design for one of simplicity. There’s just the merest hint of pre-shaped legs, and all the seams are kept at the sides and back of the knee for minimum interference. Features such as zipped legs, foot hlops and others are notable for their absence, but this helps keep the price down, and the bibs' performance isn’t any worse for their removal either.

Specialized’s Body Geometry chamois, found on the company’s top bib shorts, is among the best on the market, and even though the Winter Tights opt for a non-BG Impact chamois, it's still impressively comfortable.

The only fault, and I’m being picky now, is that the large rubbery Specialized logos on the legs may not find favour with all corners of cycling taste. [Exactly how rubbery?-Ed.]


If the large Specialized branding doesn’t overly offend your taste buds, these tick all the right boxes. Warm, comfortable and well-fitting, they do everything a pair of winter tights should.

performance 9
value 9
overall 9
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