Can Speedo's swimming suit give cyclists an edge?

The report that Japanese track sprinter Tomohiro Nagatsuka will compete in Speedo’s new LZR Racer shorts, using technology developed with the help of the US space agency.

Speedo’s cutting-edge suit has already proved a hit in the swimming pool where it has been developed, with America’s Michael Phelps reducing his times while wearing the LZR Racer swimsuit, but Nagatsuka decided the swimsuits effectiveness in swimming could transfer to cycling. The track cyclist claims reduced times on his 250m record.

The two key aims of the suit are to reduce drag and provide stability by way of compression zones. The suit is constructed from LZR Pulse fabric, being lightweight, water-repellant, fast drying and also offers low skin friction drag. Additional LZR Panels placed in key areas and bonded seams provide further streamlining of the body.

The high-tech fabric also has the ability to squeeze the body into the optimum shape, reducing “muscle oscillation and skin vibration through powerful compression."