Sugoi Evolution Full Glove £24.00

Glove choice at this time of year is critical, not just to riding comfort but to performance itself going by recent studies on the effects of overly cold or warm extremities.

This will surprise no one who finds that, provided the hands and feet are warm or cool, the rest of the body feels the same way. Right now, as the icy temperatures of recent weeks are slowly replaced by milder weather, the serious insulating properties of full-on winter gloves can prove too much within minutes of setting off on a ride. What is often needed is more of a halfway glove; thin enough to shed excess heat without exposing skin to the elements.

Just such an item is Sugoi’s Evolution Full Glove, which owes much to mtb and even motocross practice with a thin mesh fabric for the back and fingers attached to a synthetic leather palm. This has ‘VControl’ pads with rubber gripper patches to support and protect the median and ulnar nerves. The thumbs feature a terry towelling moisture control fabric, while the neoprene cuff has a Velcro closure and tab to ease pulling on the glove.

The black and silver colourway with reflective detailing, excellent fit and svelte style of the glove, however, also make it a great choice for the road, especially in dry conditions at temperatures of around 5 degreesC and upwards. Don’t expect anything by way of water resistance and put them back in the drawer if the weather turns freezing again, but for mild, dry weather extending into spring, Sugoi’s Evolution Full Glove ticks more than a few boxes. Sizes XS - XL.


Excellent glove for milder winter weather

performance 9
value 9
overall 9