Route: Thackthwaite, Cumbria, C2C Photographer: G L Jones

Fed up with your usual training run? Sustrans routes offer well marked and quiet roads all over the UK and their latest online reference point is now completely up to date. So life has never been easier for those planning to travel on foot or by bike thanks to Sustrans, the UK's leading sustainable transport charity.

A visit to the website www.sustrans.org.uk has always been the short cut to finding quick route information on any part of the 10,000-mile National Cycle Network, which now puts a route within one mile of more than half of the UK. But now further improvements have been made so that a simple click of the mouse can reveal information about a range of route maps - the majority of which are free.

New Look for www.sustrans.org.uk

Enter a town name, or a postcode into the 'plan route' section on the Sustrans website home page and then use the link on the right of the resulting map to pull up a list of all the published maps and guides available for that area.

We've tried it out and found a couple of local routes that are new and pretty challenging, so it's well worth having a look: www.sustrans.org.uk