CycleFit and Balance Physiotherapy Core-Strength and Flexibility Classes

If you want to go faster, longer and free of injury next season, then this class is for you. Many cyclists develop their legs and lungs way beyond the stabilizing ability of their core muscles. This is a recipe for certain loss of efficiency and lack of comfort on your bike. These classes will be run on Wednesday evening by Balance Physiotherapy. Cyclefit have worked with them to help focus on stength and conditioning issues that competitive cyclists typically face. Balance's work with The British Olympic Triathlon Squad has hardened their view that Physiotherapy can be focussed not just upon injury rehabilitation, but also performance enhancement for all athletes.

Classes cost £15 per session (pay for 8 weekly sessions out of 10).

Classes start Wednesday November 24th, 8.00pm at Balance Physiotherapy (London)

Because of the workshop-nature of the class space is very limited.

Sidas Conform'able Custom Footbeds

Sidas initially developed  the Conform'able foot-moulding technology for skiing - another sport where the feet are in effect held capitive - as a consequence foot stability and integrity is crucial for optimal comfort and performance for both sports. The foot in cycling is the beginning of the bio-mechanical chain. A Sidas custom footbed will help stabilize the foot into a more neutral and powerful pedalling position. By taking a mould of your own feet we ensure perfect weight distribution within your shoes and across the contact point. Little wonder that most professional cyclists use an individually customised footbed.

Available now at CycleFit Covent Garden from £61 - by appointment only.

An evening with Ben Serotta

And preview the new 2005 Serotta Nove carbon/titanium frame - Serotta fans are invited to chat to Ben Serotta over a glass of fine wine.

Tuesday 30th November 2004 8.00pm at CycleFit.

There are only 30 places available, so please RSVP ASAP.

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