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Area: Glasgow

Club: Mixed

Meet: Anniesland Cross, with mudguards

Time: 1000 First week of Jan until beginning of March

How hard?: Last Man Standing

Distance/hrs: 70 / 4 hrs

Size of group: 10-30

Contact/web: Be there

Area: East Kilbride

Club: Mixed

Meet: Bus stop, Greenhills Road, East Kilbride

Time: 1000 First week of Jan until beginning of March

How hard?: Moderate

Distance/hrs: 3 / 4 hrs

Size of group: varies

Contact/web: website

Area: Edinburgh

Club: Mixed

Meet: Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh

Time: Saturday, two groups - 0945 and 1000

How hard?: 0945 moderate, 1000 chaingang

Distance/hrs: 40 - 45 miles/2.0 - 2.5hrs

Size of group: 12-25

Contact/web: website

Area: Central Scotland

Club: Stirling Bike


Time: 1000

How hard?: moderate

Distance/hrs: 40 - 45 miles/2.5 - 3hrs

Size of group: 20-30

Contact/web: website

Area: Tayside

Club: Cyclesport Dundee

Meet: Camperdown Park, (West Gate), Dundee

Time: 0930

How hard?: 'steady pace'

Distance/hrs: 50-100 2.5-6 hrs miles

Size of group: 6-12

Contact/web: e-mail mail us

Area: Peebles, Scottish Borders

Club: Peebles CC

Meet: Bicycleworks, Pennel's Close, High Street

Time: 1000

How hard?: Saturday run is a proper chain-gang for competitive cyclists

Distance/hrs: approx. 50 miles

Size of group: 5-12


North East

Area: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Club: Gosforth Road Club

Meet: Regent Centre, Metro station entrance

Time: 0900

How hard?: 'steady pace'

Distance/hrs: 45-55 miles

Size of group: varies

Contact/web: website

North West

Area: Lancashire

Club: Clayton Velo

Meet: mini roundabout in Whalley next to the Dog Pub

Time: 1230

How hard?: 'steady pace' must have mudguards in winter

Distance/hrs: Short run to Settle and back

Size of group: varies

Contact/web: website

Area: North West/Merseyside

Club: Liverpool Century

Meet: Wheatsheaf Inn, Rainford By-pass

Time: 1000

How hard?: Moderate

Distance/hrs: 3 hours

Size of group: 10-15

Contact/web: website

North Mids and Yorks

Area: Sheffield South Yorks

Club: Rutland CC

Meet: Eccelsall Road South-Bents Road junction

Time: 0930

How hard?: Brisk but does have a slow and kids section ride

Distance/hrs: 50 miles includes cafe stop

Size of group: 20+

Contact/web: e-mail mail us

East Anglia

Club: West Suffolk Wheelers

Meet: Moreton Hall Community Centre, Bury St Edmunds

Time: 1000hrs

How hard?: Beginners and youngsters

Distance/hrs: Back by 1200hrs

Size of group: 6-7

Contact/web: e-mail Stephen Hill


Area: Welsh Marches

Club: i-team

Meet:  Meet at Dinky's Diner, Ford on the Welshpool road.

Time: 0850 for 0900

How hard?: Medium pace (24kph)

Distance/hrs: 60kms on quiet roads

Size of group: varies (group stays together)

Contact/web: e-mail mail us i-team PS Dinky's do an excellent breakfast!


Area: West Midlands

Club: Stourbridge CC

Meet: Summerhill, Kingswinford

Time: 0830

How hard?: Experienced

Distance/hrs: 38 miles/ 2hrs 15mins

Size of group: 6

Contact/web: e-mail Roger Allen

Area: Beeston, East Midlands

Club: Beeston Cycling Club

Meet: Agreed by group via blog

Time: Agreed by group via blog

How hard?: Agreed by group via blog

Distance/hrs: Agreed by group via blog

Size of group: Usually between 4 and 10


Area: West Midlands

Club: Stourbridge CC - second ride

Meet: Summerhill, Kingswinford

Time: 0930

How hard?: Fit club rider pace

Distance/hrs: 3hrs

Size of group: 10+

Contact/web: John Davies 07971 138388

Area: Long Eaton/Derby

Club: Long Eaton CC / Various

Meet: 0900 Breaston M1 Bridge OR 0930 Broadway Pub, A6, Derby.

Time: as above

How hard?: 'Chain Gang'

Distance/hrs: 40-50 miles (from Breaston, 20-30 miles if starting and finishing at Derby)

Size of group: 10-20+

Contact/web: website

Area: South Leicestershire / Northamptonshire

Club: Welland Valley CC

Meet: The Bell, Northampton Road, Market Harborough

Time: 1330 (October to April)

How hard?: 15 - 17mph.

Distance/hrs: 2 to 3hr

Size of group: varies

Contact/web: e-mail website

Area: Leicester

Club: Webster cycle racing team

Meet: Cow & Plough Pub, Stoughton Road, Leicester

Time: 1000

How hard?: First Group 17mph, Rapid Group:20mph

Distance/hrs: 43miles close to 2 hours.

Size of group: varies

Contact/web: e-mail here

Area: Birmingham

Club: Birmingham City Cycles

Meet: Birmingham City Cycles

Time: 0700

How hard?: Ride 1 Easy  16 mph - Ride 2 harder 16.5 - 19 mph

Distance/hrs: Ride 1 30 miles   Ride 2 40 miles 

Size of group: 30+

Contact/web: Birmingham City Cycles 0121 66 66045


Area: Central

Club: Bedfordshire Road Cycling Club

Meet: Cardington Village

Time: 1400

How hard?: Set to the pace of the slowest rider

Distance/hrs: between 10 and 50 miles

Size of group: As many who want ot go for a ride

Contact/web: e-mail mail us 0777 180 4468

Area: Oxfordshire


Meet: Layby by Smiths ind, Burford Rd, Witney

Time: 1000

How hard?: moderate

Distance/hrs: 30-50 miles 3/4hrs

Size of group: 6-25


Area: Oxfordshire

Club:Witney Groupetto

Meet: Witney bus layby, Smiths Industries by tennis courts, Burford Rd, Witney


How hard?: moderate

Distance/hrs: 50 miles average 3/4hrs

Size of group: 10-20


Area: Luton

Club: CC Luton

Meet:  top of Barton 'cut in' A6 roundabout.

Time: 0930

How hard?: Mixed, if to many fast riders we split into 2 groups.

Distance/hrs: 3-4 hrs with cafe stop (old skool)

Size of group: 8-30

Contact/web: e-mail mail us

South West

Area: New Forest - Bournemouth and Ringwood Area

Club: Christchurch Bicycle Club, Dorset

Meet: Pioneer Store (nr Fountain RBT) Christchurch, Dorset. Coffee Stop at Forest Tea House, Pound Lane, Burley.

Time: 0845 for 0900 start 09:10 nr 'Oak Inn' Martins Hill Lane, Burton.

How hard?: A Comfortable Introduction to Cycling at Beginners Pace 7-10 mph (11-16kmh)

Distance/hrs: 22 miles (35km)/3 hours maximum

Size of group: 40-45 (average)

Contact/web: John Vuagniaux

London and the South East

Area: Mid/North Essex

Club: Witham and District C.C.

Meet: Carol and Sean's Tea Rooms, Stisted

Time: 0930

How hard?: Fast Club/Training run

Distance/hrs: 40/50 miles

Size of group: chaingang average 5

Contact/web: e-mail

Area: N London/S Herts

Club: Finchley Racing Team

Meet: jnc Gt North Rd/Raydean Rd Barnet EN5

Time: 1000

How hard?: steady to fast, 17-20mph

Distance/hrs: 30 miles

Size of group: varies, all racers

Contact/web: e-mail

Area: Medway, Kent

Club: Medway Velo Club

Meet: Victory Cycles, Rainham High Street

Time: 0900

How hard?: 2 Groups steady 15mph , training harder

Distance/hrs: 40/50/60 miles

Size of group: 12-16

Contact/web: e-mail Rob 07759 319225

Area: London Croydon Area

Club: Addiscombe

Meet: Coulsdon South Station

Time: 0915

How hard?: Its up to you. Up to 4 groups, usually at least 2 at 17 mph and in summer months a 15 mph and 21 mph. First Saturday in the month a 'just for fun' group for novices and friends

Distance/hrs: between 35 and 50 miles with options for a dual carriageway 'through and off ' and return via Box Hill. All stop at cafe in Charlwood

Size of group: as many as 80 but usually split into groups of between 15 and 25. Occasional longer rides, e.g. Brighton and return or TOSH

Contact/web: Website:

Area: London

Club: Dulwich Paragon

Meet: Cafe San Germaine, Crystal Palace Pde

Time: 0900

How hard?: Steady

Distance/hrs: 30mi

Size of group: varies

Contact/web: Website:

Area: London and SE

Club: Deal Tri Club

Meet: Texaco Garage Walmer Deal Kent

Time: 0900

How hard?: 2 Groups, Touring 12-16mph and Training 16-18mph

Distance/hrs: Touring up to 30 mile Training up to 60 miles

Size of group: up to 20 Helmets please!

Contact/web: Website:

Area: London and SE

Club: Bigfoot Bike Club

Meet: Outside Hayes Village Hall, Bromley, Kent

Time: 0815

How hard?: Moderate with some hills

Distance/hrs: 40-50 miles 15/16mph

Size of group: 6-12

Contact/web: Website:

Area: Mid-Kent

Club: San Fairy Ann CC

Meet: 3 groups meet at Marden Library car park. 2 slower ones at varios places - see website for details

Time: 1000 Saturday

How hard?: From 10-15 miles at 10 mph for beginners up to 18mph for the A group

Distance/hrs: 15-20miles for beginners up to 50 for the A group

Size of group: 10-20 in each group (Split into 2 parts if necessary for safety)

Contact/web: Website:

Area: London South

Club: Old Portlians CC

Meet: Bottom of Corkscrew Hill, West Wickham

Time: 1015 Saturday

How hard?: Saturday easy pace all standards, social.

Distance/hrs: saturday 2 hrs

Size of group: 6-10

Contact/web: e-mail mail us Website:

Area: South West London

Club: London Dynamo

Meet: Richmond Park - Sheen/Roehampton roundabout

Time: 0900

How hard?: various groups easy to hard

Distance/hrs: 2 hrs

Size of group: various


Area: Surrey/Sussex/Kent

Club: South Western Road Club

Meet: Cobham public car park, Downside Bridge Road, Cobham, Surrey (1st Sat each month, Betchworth)

Time: 0930

How hard?: Two groups - steady/fast

Distance/hrs: 45-60 miles

Size of group: 5-15


Area: Stevenage, Herts

Club: Stevenage C.C.

Meet: outside the HSBC bank at the corner of Stevenage Bus Station

Time: 0930

How hard?: no cafe stop, racing fraternity, eyeballs out...

Distance/hrs: 40/50 miles+

Size of group: chaingang

Contact/web: e-mail Graham Beesley

Area: Mid Sussex

Club: Mid Sussex Tri Club

Meet: The Triangle Leisure Centre (Burgess Hill) or The Dolphin (Haywards Heath)

Time: 0800

How hard?: slow and steady

Distance/hrs: 50 miles/3 hours

Size of group: 'small'

Contact/web: website

Area: South East London

Club: VC Londres

Meet: The junction of Crystal Place Parade and Fountain Drive

Time: 0900 (sharp)

How hard?: 'club racers' ride

Distance/hrs: varies

Size of group: varies

Contact/web: e-mail mail us or website

Northern Ireland

Area: Northern Ireland

Club: CTC Northern Ireland

Meet: Varies (see website)

Time: 0900

How hard?: 'faster than Sunday'

Distance/hrs: Varies

Size of group: Varies

Contact/web: website

Area: Derry, N Ireland

Club: Foyle Cycling Club

Meet: Templemore Sports Complex, Buncrana Road, Londonderry (Derry), N Ireland BT4 80BF

Time: 0900

How hard?: Rides are geared for all levels of fitness and ability

Distance/hrs: various

Size of group: New members especially welcome

Contact/web: e-mail mail us

Area: Bangor, Co. Down

Club: Toyota North Down CC and others. All welcome.

Meet: Park Drive, Bangor

Time: 0900

How hard?: Ave speed 17mph, undulating, hilly towards the end

Distance/hrs: Distance 55 miles with options up to 75 miles. Tea stop at 30 miles

Size of group: Group between 12 and 25 riders.

Contact/web: website

Channel Islands

Area: Jersey/Channel Islands

Club: Caesarean Cycling Club

Meet: West Park

Time: 0900

How hard?: we don't wait

Distance/hrs: 3/4hrs

Size of group: chaingang


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