Sportstest offer performance, training and nutrition services for cyclists of all levels, from the novice to the elite. Previously based just in the West Midlands, you can now enjoy their services in London.

Run by Dr Garry Palmer, who boasts vast experience working with athletes up to Olympic level, Sportstest are now offering their services in South West London, at Pavilion Sports, Health and Fitness Club, Hampton Court.

Sportstest have gained a national profile and reputation for providing high-level sports science support services to athletes in a wide variety of disciplines including running, cycling, rowing, duathlon and triathlon to name just a few.

Such a service isn't just reserved for elite level cyclists though, and in fact newcomers and regular cyclists alike can benefit from a session with Sportstest. By assessing your current fitness, consideration of your cycling specific goals, full cycling physiological assessment, planning of training phases and a sample training week, you can realise your full potential.

For more information or to book an appointment, call 01384 70099 or take a look at the website

Wondering what's involved? RCUK went along a while ago to find out what it's all about.