When setting off on a ride, it’s customary to check your tyre pressures, that your bike’s brakes are all working as they should be, and of course that Strava is recording.

But when was the last time you checked what your insurance actually covered? And that’s if you’ve got any at all.

Cycling insurer PedalSure estimates that more than 85 per cent of the 3 million people who regularly cycle in the UK are choosing to go without, and even those that do hold a policy may not be adequately covered.

To highlight this, the insurer has launched a new campaign, ‘Are You Cycling Naked?’ The video features a cyclist riding naked down a street in the UK, highlighting how many cyclist are exposed and at risk.

“We entered the market because statistics confirm that the average cyclist is highly under insured,” explained PedalSure’s CEO Philip Lochner. “We have identified that it’s not only the bike that needs to be covered, but also the cyclists themselves.

“We want this campaign to encourage and empower cyclists to be more aware of what their policies do or don’t cover and ensure that they have the best protection possible.”

Some of the biggest concerns for cyclists include safety and bike security. PedalSure claims that a high percentage of people rely on home insurance to protect them from these issues, but most aren’t covered with their policies failing to cover the bike outside the home or for accidental damage.

The PedalSure base policy meanwhile covers for theft from home, away from home and includes accidental damage for up to five bikes with individual values of £400-£15,000 and an aggregate value of £30,000.

“We cover the bike but also uniquely the cyclists with some of the highest personal cover options up to £150,000,” added Lochner. “If a liability is found against a cyclist, then without adequate insurance, the cyclist themselves would be liable. That exposes anyone cycling on the open road without adequate cover.

“We do not support compulsory cycling insurance, but we do encourage and support cyclists in taking responsibility for covering their bikes, themselves and other road users. Cyclists are more exposed to risk of injury than others, but existing cycle insurance policies don’t cover riders in the same way. In fact, most only pay out small amounts in the case of lost limbs or death. We think that’s simply not enough. When accidents happen, we believe you should be given all the support you need to get back in the saddle”

To find out more, visit PedalSure