As a keen commuting cyclist, Justin Beattie from Dumbartonshire, has decided to produce these stickers in the hope of making motorists more aware of cyclists and to reduce the number of accidents on the road. Plenty of cyclists are car drivers, especially racing cyclists - even if it's only because we need to get to races somehow. As Justin says:

"This started off simply to satisfy a demand for stickers. Then we realised that the message on the sticker carries in three words the solution to the biggest hazard cyclists face on a day-to-day basis. We're going to write letters to companies of drivers who cut us up. We're going to express our opinion to the news media about cycling related incidents. But through all this we're going to stress that we are law-abiding citizens who want to peacably go about our business."

Stickers cost £1.75 each + 50p P&P for less than 10. For 10 or more it’s £1 P&P. The money from each sticker will go towards a number of grassroots charities.

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