Ideal for Audax...

This is a New-look SPD pedal from Shimano, aimed road/MTB cross over users, perfect for Audax, touring and commuting in less race orientated shoes. All the benifits of the off-road pedal (including axles, cleats and spares) in a more road looking package.

Shimano says:

The PD-A520 SPD pedal is perfect for advanced road racers who are looking for a fairly priced, high-quality racing pedal. The new PD-A520 excels, like all Shimano pedals, in performance and ease of use.

The SPD system guarantees a secure and safe connection, and enables you to easily engage and disengage under all circumstances. Furthermore the pedal is very maintenance friendly due to the closed-axle unit. Of course the pedal can be easily adjusted to personal preference with the adjustable spring pre tension.

Weight: 315 grams.

Application: Sport, tour and road

From: Ultimate Pursuits

More information: Shimano