Dean Downing © Phil Jones

Well, what a few weeks I have had! Eight days racing in two and half weeks has taken its toll on me, well racing at the beginning of it with a slipped shoeplate seems to have done the damage actually.

My last diary was from the French Ardennes, where I had a bad back, or so I thought. Since then Katy has been to visit me so my morale was very high, as you can imagine, but I was still not doing too good in the races I was in, last finisher in 3 races wasn't quiet as good as my results in March.

I was still having problems with my right leg, it was losing power in the finale of the races. I was looking forward to a long stage race in France to get my form back, Tour of Bretagne (Russ won 3 stages last year, 1 this year) it was going pretty good too, but every stage seemed to get harder and harder in the final laps of the finishing circuits. Stage 4 came around and half way through I couldnt take the pain in my leg and stopped at the side of the road. Pretty pissed off too as I didn't know why I had no power - I even thought it was in my head. 'between the ears' as they say over here.

A visit to the race doctor and he told me I had a possible tear in my right groin area. Great. My head fell off and rolled down the road... allsorts of things were going through my head at once... our Soigneur, Rauol, tried to make me feel better and said 'maybe it will only be 1 month off your bike'. Anyhow, I had to see a doctor and get a scan when I got back to Belgium.

My head hurts now after thinking for 3 solid days. Now I have been to the doctors and had an scan at the hospital they have found no tear in my muscle, it's just Tendonitis, so that's where the pain is coming from on my bike - I tell you, I have never been happier to have Tendonitis!

Now all I have to do is rest a few days and get some treatment from a pysio and take a few or maybe lots of IbuProfen tablets each day. Maybe I can even race on Sunday, I have been told.