More from the vaults of cycling yester-year... This week we have had a delivery of new(old) jerseys from Simon at Rapha. So special thanks go to him. Althought the DEC fund is now closed we plan to keep the 'RCUK jersey Amnesty®'. going. We will sell donated (but wearable) jerseys - so no Le Groupment or Mapei kit please! The money raised will go to charities working in the developing world and areas affected by the recent tsunami, namely: The Red Cross, Oxfam or Save the Children.

All you do is post a message, quoting the description next to the jersey you want. Then the first post to hit the forum thread below gets it. RCUK's descision will be final. It may take a few days for us to mail you, but once confirmation is received the jersey on this page will be removed and replaced with a new one.

You then send a cheque made payable to any of the three chosen charities (The Red Cross, Oxfam or Save the Children) to us and we post you the Jersey. We will obviously need you address and a reminder (use the name and the ref. No.) to which jersey you have bought. Simple - and you could easily get a bargain!

If you have a jersey (WASH IT FIRST!) that you would like to contribute or a cheque for a jersey you have bought, please post it to:

RCUK Jersey Amnesty The Editor or Marketing man - RCUK

Magicalia Ltd.

Caxton House

2 Farringdon Road



The third batch of jerseys...and some jackets...









Fluorescent S/S (L) £10 Nike (S) £10 SOLD
Giordana (M) £5 Gore L/S Black (M) £15 SOLD
API (M) £5 008. Shimano jkt. (XL) £20 015. Karimor Jacket (M) £20

If you have any questions or queries please send them to the editor

£s RAISED SO FAR (money actually collected): £335