The more alert among you, or maybe the biggest slackers, might just have noticed a new link in the Rides and Holidays section (there will be a tab soon) it says 'Gallery' and is a direct link to the newest feature on RCUK, which is a member photo gallery.

It's easy to use - simply click on the gallery link and follow the instructions.

If you have any problems, check out our how to use the gallery page and you should find the answer there.

A few quick points worth noting:

  • You have a total of 3 MB of space, so you can upload more smaller images.
  • Each image is limited in size to 250 K, the uploader won't let you uploads bigger ones
  • Images have to be approved before going live so there will be a short delay
  • Images can be any shape but tall thin ones won't thumbnail as well

We reckon it's a great addition to the site and will build into a fantastic resource in time. Enjoy.

Take a look at the gallery pagenow.