There's one reason we get so many Olympic and World medals on the track - Manchester Velodrome.

With nearly 60 million people in the UK we have a massive shortage of sports facilities. There are certainly more McDonalds (10 in Birmingham) than there are swimming pools or leisure centres - and there are only a couple of (open air) cycling tracks. What about London? - there are 8 million people in Greater London so a covered track wouldn't hurt, would it?

There have to be areas that are crying out for a centre? And it HAS to be covered, Leicester track suffered because it was outdoors and although it was a great track it couldn't develop the talent all year round.

There has to be a way to mirror the success in the Midlands, Scotland and South East. After all the talent is clearly there. Imagine how good we'd be if we had three more covered velodromes? Ask your local council to build one, they are quite cheap to build and surely they would love to bask in the glow of Olympic success, like Manchester can...

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