Video: Three Peaks – the world’s toughest cyclo-cross race

The Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross Challenge is an annual race which covers 38 miles across three of the highest fells in Yorkshire. It’s a brutal race – and ferocious winds and torrential rain turned this year’s edition into a tale of survival.

This moody and beautifully shot video from photographer Geoff Waugh captures the savagery of the Three Peaks, won for a ninth time by Rob Jebb.

“The Three Peaks is so hard it is mandatory that each rider carries a survival blanket and a whistle in case of emergencies,” said Waugh.

“Weather is a factor and this year it rained and the rain got gradually worse. On top of the hills the wind was ferocious. Riders were ground down by fatigue and cold.

“This is a short video that hopefully gives some clue as to what it was like to be a rider in the mist and clouds during the world’s toughest cyclo-cross race.”

Ferocious winds and torrential rain turned this year’s Three Peaks into a tale of survival (© British Cycling)

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