Knog Blinder Road R70 rear light – review

Bright and with a wide range of mounting possibilities

Aussie brand Knog are known for their rather quirky take on bike lights, and out there styling. Their latest incarnation of the classic Blinder 4V light – still a very good light in its own right – is the Blinder Road R70, a higher powered version of the 4V with a 70 lumen out put and a degree of side visibility added into the package.

Knog’s range hierarchy seems a little, well, anarchic in all honesty, as there are multiple versions of the Blinder rear light. This Blinder Road R70 is described as being particularly designed for roadies, and one part of that is its compatibility with aero seatposts. Aero posts are a particular challenge for rear lights because their sharp trailing edge makes it hard to mount anything that doesn’t have a similarly skinny mounting area. The tricky bit comes in finding something that’ll work with both aero and conventional posts as the differences between the two are stark enough that finding something to fit both is a challenge. Knog have found a way round this by effectively adding an additional little channel into the mount of the Blinder Road R70, which fits against the edge of aero posts, as well as a longer rubber mount to fit around the larger profile.

The Knog Blinder Road R70 has a maximum output of 70 lumens, making it one of the brighter rear lights out there

All that means the Blinder Road R70 is a pretty versatile light when it comes to mounting. Despite using a rubber strap with a plastic fastener (yep, it’s plastic despite the metal look), hold is secure, even on thinner tubes, although Knog don’t recommend it anything with a diameter less than 22mm. That plastic faster is removable so you can change it easily between bands when you want to mount the light on a different sized post. I don’t have anything with a 22mm diameter post to test that out, but it worked well on a standard 27.2mm post as well as the aero profiled seatpost on my Cipollini.

The reason it fits so well on such a wide range of sizes is that you get three rubber bands in the box. It’s not a conventional rubber band attachment though, it’s much smarter and together with the plastic fastener makes for a very secure fitting. The only worry would be if the other side onto which the strap hooks were to get damage, but given that it doubles up as the USB charger, the light’s pretty much done for should that happen.

You get three of these rubber bands with the Blinder Road R70 in different sizes, which is what allows the light to be attached to a wide range of different post diameters

In use, there was no movement on a standard seatpost, something also partly due to the rubber back on the light that adds a little more friction. On an aero post it wasn’t perfect, but it was certainly one of the better lights I’ve ever used, and doesn’t succumb to that irritating tendency of ending up on the side of the post ever few kilometers, even if it didn’t stay perfectly centered the whole time. The overall hold is firm, though, and there was never any chance of the light falling off mid-ride.

The Blinder Road R70 has five functions called steady, fast, chaser peloton and eco-flash. And if you descramble those unusual names, what you actually get is steady with two of the four lights illuminated, an irregular flash that uses all four, steady with all four lights illuminated, a regular flash with all four and a mode that illuminates up and down the lights progressively. As well as the four main LEDs on the face, there’s an LED strip that runs around the edge to provide side visibility that’s used in all except the two light mode. You cycle through the modes, as well as turning the light on and off, using a single button on the rear which is positioned so it’s possible to cycle through the functions while the light’s attached. Although, in fairness, it’s not the easiest to access if the fit is too tight as you need to be able to stretch the mount a little to comfortably press the button.

The on/off button also cycles through the functions but it can be a little hard to access when the light’s mounted.

On highest power the Blinder gives out 70 lumens, which is a pretty powerful kick for a rear light and means you won’t have any problems with visibility rocking this on your seatpost. And speaking of power, charge time for the Blinder is 4-5hrs via USB, so you’ll want to make sure that you get this one plugged in as soon as you get to work if you need it charged by the time you’re off home. Run time is four hours on flashing, or 20 hours on eco flash. One more thing that’s also worth noting is that the light is 100% IP68 tested and waterproof, meaning you can take it out in terrible weather (and I have) and it’ll be absolutely fine.

Long-term, there’s only one thing that slightly concerns me, and that’s the charger. It’s integrated into the mount and although it’s positioned to sit against the seatpost there’s still the possibility that water, mud and so on could work its way in when you’re riding in bad weather. Whether or not it still works after a couple of months of sustained bad weather abuse will probably hinge on whether you clean it properly after rides, so it’s worth keeping that in mind.


Knog’s Blinder Road R70 is a really good light. It’s powerful, rechargeable, and has a solid range of functions. Aero seatpost compatibility is a big plus, and the three different rubber bands for mounting provide a versatility that a lot of lights lack.


– Powerful
– Versatile mounting


– Exposed charging port might have issues down the line

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