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Park PPM-3

This pack is the second generation of ‘on-the-road’ Park tools. The previous pack the PPM-2 was one of the first to include ‘proper’ workshop style tools rather than smaller ‘make do’ tools.

In the new generation PPM-3 you get a:
• CT-6 Folding Chain Tool
• TL-1 Tire Levers
• Double-ended spoke key
• Open end spanner (8, 9, 10mm)
• IB-1 mini folding allen/screwdriver Set
• GP-2 pre-glued patch kit
• TB-1 tyre boot

The 8 and 10 mm spanners are useful too, especially for the type of seatpost with a 8mm adjusting nut on the front clamp bolt (e.g. Specialized, Stella Azzura and Selcof).

Park glueless patches are a welcome find when you’ve run out of tubes and the Park tyre levers are excellent. There is also a tyre boot which although rarely needed on a road bike you may want to keep it in there as they can save a long walk home.

There are two Park tyre levers (the best I’ve used) and a double ended spoke key which is better than Park’s last multi-nipple fitting tool but not a patch on their workshop ones.

Park have also included a folding Allen key set rather than a fixed multi-head Allen key wrench. I’m not so sure that the IB-1 tool is a huge improvement on the previous Park folding hex tool sets and the AWS-9 has a cross head screwdriver. But there is an 8mm crank Allen key socket and more (smaller) sizes of Allen key.

The CT-6 chain tool is quite a bit bigger than the previous ‘travel’ chain tool the CT-5 which is very easy to use. The new tool folds into a stainless steel cover and has the same internal mechanism and works very well, perhaps as good as a workshop tool.

On the other hand the MTB-3 Rescue Tool has more than enough to get you home, including a pedal spanner, although it’s heavy and tricky to pack in your pocket – it costs £29.95.

The overall verdict? The PPM-3 is not cheap but it’s a neat tool pack that slips into a jersey pocket. There’s some proper tools in it too, but why no cross head screw driver?

• Price: £34.95

• From: Madison – Ultimate Pursuits stores Tel. 01908 326032

• Park’s excellent website has loads of advice and a tool for every breakdown. For a closer pic of the PPM-3