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Revolution – 12

Franco Marvulli © Gerard Brown
We asked the RCUK readers who went to Manchester on Saturday night for their opinions and thoughts, here’s their side of a great night out, First a track ‘veteran’ Adam Tranter:

“First of all, thanks to RCUK for the brilliant tickets – it was a great night out. Although most of it was spent faffing around with my new camera and taking pictures! But it was fun all the same, I have been racing on the local track since I was about 8 or 9, and indoors a bit later. I raced indoors quite a bit in the national championships but it was incredibly interesting learning and watching about the tactics of the pros.

“I really enjoyed the Madison, really exciting to see the Downing’s lap the field; inspirational. To anyone that hasn’t been to a revolution, you have to go. You will not be dissapointed. The atmosphere is like no road racing or anything seen before. The racing and championships are better than the World Cup and definately, the National Senior Championships etc. Chances to meet and greet everybody too!”

Chris Newton partnered Marvulli © Gerard Brown
And Daniel Emmet was equally inspired and enthralled, it seems:

“Yes this was my 1st experience of a live track event and my god what a night. I was amazed by the speed of the cyclists going around the track. I was fortunate to be seated in the VIP section but I must admit the views from around the main seating area were just as good if not better.

“The atmosphere is electric with one race finishing and another starting [proper end to end stuff] the commentary was clear and very good also which helped people with less knowledge of the sport, also the programmes are well detailed with riding event details. There was many highlights to the evening with 2 inparticular. The first was the presentation to the rider who was retiring with all the riders standing up the bikes on the track and spinning there wheels as he rode through them, then there was the Junior men’s Great Britain team – what talent!

“I would say that I am inspired and will be definitely be giving track racing ago in the near future. My comments to people who have never been to the revolution event is GO. The atmosphere is electric and very sociable with all types of age groups and family’s. Another thing I liked was that you get to see all the riders warm up in the centre no matter where you are in the arena.”