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Torq nutrition products: TESTED

Lovely packaging too!

TORQ offer a range of range of nutritional products (carbohydrate powders and energy bars, plus recovery and muscle building supplements) that not only taste great, but which are also good for you.

Energy powder

TORQ use a combination of two natural carbohydrates; maltodextrin and fructose, while some Aspartame sweetened drinks use only one, typically maltodextrin. (*Aspartame is a low calorie sweetener which if Googled, turns up frightening words like ‘toxicity’, ‘hazard’, ‘not safe’ and ‘poisoning’. If any of these claims are even part true then Aspartame is something I want to avoid, completely.) Research has shown that by taking a mix of the two together, there is a much greater conversion of carbohydrate to energy. In other words you get more bang for your buck! The energy powder comes in five flavours; natural (almost tasteless and available in organic variant too), orange, lemon, pink grapefruit and lime & lemon.
Prices start at £15 for 1500g tub of energy powder, each tub comes with it’s own measuring spoon for easy use. For comparisons sake, a litre of energy drink costs approx 87p per litre.

Energy bars

The TORQ bars come in interesting flavours that include tangy apricot, sundried banana, raspberry & apple and pineapple & ginger. That the fruit used to make these is fairly traded is not made much of by TORQ, but it might make you feel better about yourself as you indulge in your sport! Plus the Apricot and Banana varieties contain Ribose, natural sugar, which when taken in small quantities has been found to significantly enhance recovery from heavy exercise.

These bars are so good that I now have friends who choose them as snacks. They are moist, easy to chew and with great texture. Previously I had found myself fighting my way through something that I did not like the taste of and that was incredibly hard work to chew, so these bars are a win-win option too.
Bars are available from good bike shops and TORQ costs from £1.15 per bar.


  • Price: £15 per tub, £1.15 per bar
  • Performance: 9
  • Value: 9
  • Contact: TORQ

I have been using the TORQ products for a few weeks now, first in training and then, when I felt comfortable that they worked well for me and had no adverse effects on my body, I used them in competition as well. The race results have been awesome and I have not suffered any of the after effects I had been resigned to up until now.
The bottom line for me is that I would not have accepted any compromise in performance while using these products, but taste was secondary, so I was delighted to find that I actually like the energy powder more than the one I was currently using; the taste is fresher and much more natural.

  • Second Opinion

    Having raced and ridden endurance events for several years, I can safely say that energy drinks, gels and bars have saved my ass on many occasions. In the early days of supplements and energy products it was a bit hit and miss with what worked for me and what gave me a sore belly or bad guts. Also being really picky about what flavours and textures I like, it was hard to find the right product.

    With the TORQ drinks powder I found the recommended consistency a bit weak on taste for my palate so I upped the dosage a little which resulted in a very refreshing taste and still no sickly or sticky aftertaste. On long rides of several hours, I did not get tired of the taste or yearn water as with some other brands. On hot days I used the recommended mixture plus supplemented my nutrition with the energy bars; apricot being my all time favourite bar.

    When racing or during hard workouts eating can be awkward, so a moist and chewable bar is essential. I found I took smaller bites more regularly instead of wrestling with huge mouthfuls, hoping that at some point the lump will slip down my gullet before I use all my energy and saliva trying to chew it up.

    When you enjoy using the right powders and bars for you, keeping your energy intake consistent and balanced is easy, maintaining good performance and reducing the risk of bonking or low blood sugar spells. The TORQ products iron out the low troughs of energy, by delivering energy smoothly and reliably, in a way that aids recovery too.

    It certainly helps me ride better! Bex Hopkins


  • You could be excused for thinking that all sports nutrition products are good for you. But if you check out the ingredients of the products you currently use, you may be surprised to see additives that do nothing to keep you going during exercise or help you recover after it, namely artificial flavouring, colours and sweeteners (Aspartame*).

    What I noticed on the long hot days, when I will drink in excess of four litres of fluid, is that I always end the day with a blinding headache and an upset stomach. Sure, I race hard and certainly it has been a very hot summer, but the symptoms could not be dismissed as being due to dehydration or exertion and so it got me thinking.

    I discussed the products I use with a nutritional specialist and it quickly became clear that Aspartame could well be the root of my headaches, upset stomach and much more besides. The conversation was enough to set me on an immediate quest to find something more natural and I found that in TORQ. They are the only products I have found so far that fit the bill of being all natural and using only ingredients that are functional to you as an athlete. TORQ do not use Aspartame.

    (**Research quoted on maltodextrin/fructose combination Medicine and Science in Sport 2005 volume 37, number 3, 426 432)


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