Five ways to breathe life into your old bike

Methods to refresh your steed that don't incur the cost of a new bike

With summer in full swing, the time has finally arrived to make the most of the early mornings and longer evenings, and with more hours in the day available for pleasurable cycling, there’s every chance that your weekly mileage is on an upswing if all’s going to plan.

Mike Cotty, pic: Media24, submitted by Mike Cotty, used with permission
Making the most of your ride doesn’t necessarily need to dent your wallet. pic: ©Media24

While routine maintenance should never be overlooked, often a little extra TLC can go a long way in giving your loyal steed a new lease of life when it’s looking a little tired and in need of a recovery day. The great news is that this doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank either. Here are our top tips for reigniting the cycling spark with your beloved bike.

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