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Six essential spring cycling accessories

Six essential spring cycling accessories

How to dress for changeable conditions

Spring is a tricky time to dress as a cyclist. Changeable weather conditions – with wind, rain and sun seemingly forever on the forecast – can  leave you too hot, too cold or too wet on the bike.

While winter may involve throwing on your warmest kit, versatility is key to a successful spring get-up. Besides the basics – and by that we means bib shorts, a base layer, and a short sleeve jersey – the majority of your spring cycling outfit is likely to be made up of lightweight accessories which can be pulled on and off as the conditions dictate.

Sportful Pista short sleeve jersey, Total Comfort bib shorts, No-Rain arm and knee warmers, and Grupetto socks
Versatility is the key to a successful spring cycling ensemble

The truth is, the British spring extends well into ‘summer’, and once we get to autumn then much of the same clothing in a cyclist’s wardrobe is likely to be deployed again, and so the kit worn during the ‘shoulder seasons’ is likely to get more use than that designed solely for winter or high-summer.

With that in mind, here are six essential spring cycling accessories.

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Nairo Quintana and James Hewitt, Giro d'Italia 2014, Endura short fitting session, pic: Timothy John, ©Factory Media

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