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Infinit Nutrition
Here’s the formula once you’ve been through the simple form

Infinit Nutrition £23.99

Walk into any well stocked bike shop and the racks crammed with products will be spilling over with products all vying to satisfy your nutritional needs. It can be bewildering to know where to start, especially if you’re new to cycling.

I’ve taken to trying out most of the available products [and am about a stone lighter as a result – ed.], as what works for me might not work for someone else, so trial and error has landed me with a range of products that I can rely upon, whether it’s training or racing.

Energy products, and our understanding of nutrition, have come a long way since riders would make do with just a little water (and the odd stop for beer or wine in the early days). The companies behind the current crop of energy products go to lengths to ensure they deliver the right balance of energy but are easy to drink.

But the simple problem with many energy products is that of compromise. I might have completely different needs from energy drinks than say, Richard might, and there’s a huge range of factors that can influence what I need when I’m riding. Many of the available products hope to offer a fit for every rider.

But what if you could have an energy drink specifically tailored to you, your riding and your needs? Step forward Infinit Nutrition, the newest energy product to hit our shelves. The US company has been around for a while, but it’s only recently that it’s been available to UK customers, and we were first to try it out.

The USP of Infinit Nutrition is customised nutrition. Visit the website and a quick-start interview, which takes all of five minutes, asks questions such as how much do you train, how much do you sweat, do you cramp, are you training to lose weight and many more. All the answers to these questions are used to calculate an energy solution that perfectly fits your needs. No compromising.

Once you’re been through the short process you’re presented with a list including flavour, carbohydrate blend, calories, electrolyte, protein, amino acid and caffeine blends, the levels of which can be altered. If you decide you actually want a stronger flavour, just grab the slider bar and drag it towards the strong end.

What is Osmolality?

Osmolality is a term used to describe the concentration of particles dissolved in a solution. It is a measure of density and is expressed in units of measurement known as osmoles or milliosmoles (one thousandth of an osmole), per 1000g of solvent, or mosm/kg.

The more particles a rehydration beverage contains (such as carbohydrate, electrolytes, amino acids, anti-oxidants, protein or flavouring), the higher its osmolality.

The smart part of the process is the Patent Pending process called Osmo-Fit, which ensures your formula is well-balanced and not too highly concentrated to be readily absorbed by your body. If you find you’re a bit confused by your formula, a quick phone call (or they’ll phone you if they spot something awry) to the helpful people at Infinit will ensure your buying the right blend.

Depending on the mix of your formula, you’ll get a tub between 1.5 and 2kg, for £23.99, enough, according to Infinit, for 25 servings. You can buy off-the shelf energy products too, if the customisation process all gets a bit too much. Ranging from daily training to criterium racing to ultra distance blends, in three flavours, they cover a lot of scenarios.

So how does it work in practise? I’ve been using my formula, along with a recovery mix, for a couple of weeks now in place of my regular energy drink, and the results have been good. Unfortunately we can’t do a controlled lab test with a couple of athletes to give you a detailed analysis of the product. But I can say I found it extremely easy to drink. I’m quite adverse to strongly flavoured energy drinks so I specified a weak flavour, and it was spot on. Even after several hours I still found it enjoyable to drink.

So it goes down well then. Performance wise I certainly didn’t detect any loss of energy during some attempts at controlled tests. I used the Infinit Fluid Recovery drink (the Punch flavour tastes surprisingly similar to Love Heart sweets, oddly enough), which seemed to have me feeling fresh the following day, with replenished legs.


The ability to customise your energy drink is a clear boon, if like me you’ve never quite found the perfect energy solution for your needs. I was worried about ordering a large tub of an untried drink, but my doubts proved unfounded as I found the drink great in practise. In fact, I’m still using it and haven’t needed, or wanted, to go back to my previous energy supplier. And when I go back to order another tub, I might just adjust the formula a touch, it’s that flexible.

good Customise your energy drink

bad Can’t try before you buy

performance 9

value 9

overall 9

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