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All you/I/we want for Christmas…

OK this should be pretty simple. RCUK’s Santa department has selected a few presents which cannot fail to please the Cyclist in the house. This link may have been forwarded to you. In which case: Welcome to RCUK. Any of the following items will go down very well thank you…

£0 to £10

Livestrong Band $1

Specialized Bar Tape

Park Tools Coffee Mug Price: £6.95
Perfect for a hot beverage whilst fixing your bike…

Park Tools Pint glass £5.95

Topeak mini 6 £10

£10 to £20

Back Upz LED twinpack £14.95 From Ultimate Pursuits stores

Park Pizza Cutter £14.95 From Ultimate Pursuits stores

Complete Bike Book £16.99

Crank Brothers Multi Tool £20

Crank Brothers Power Pump £15

£20 to £50

Modern tools in a decent tool bag

The tools in the pouch look quality made to us. A lovely spoke key, a set of allen keys, tyre levers, spanners with 8mm to 15mm (pedal) and a screwdriver with a variety of fittings.

There’s plenty of space to add your extra favourite out-on-the-road tools. The tool pouches cost £70 with tools included. The small (honey coloured) one has no tools and costs £35.

Brooks is distributed by Amba Marketing 01392 840030 and you can use their website to find your local dealer.

There’s more information on the Brooks website:

Blackburn Carbon fibre Frame fitting pump £39.95

Specialized EMT Race Multi-Tool £30.00

SKS Race Blades £32.95

Park tools Loo roll holder £24.95 From Ultimate Pursuits stores
Possibly the second most bizare present you could ever wish for…

£50 to £100

Elite Wine Decanter and Holder £59.95 From Ultimate Pursuits stores
… but only because this is possibly the most bizare

£100 to £200

Rapha Softshell Jacket £175 For more on Rapha go: here

£200 to £500

Polar 725 Heart Rate Monitor £250

£500 to £1000

Money no object

Great for performance use, highly breathable and lightweight too.